Still Alive... and Well?
Still Alive
Released September 10, 2002
Recorded November 17, 2001 at The Web Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona (track 1-6)2000 at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood (track 7-12)
Length 61:27
Number of tracks 12
Label Sanctuary
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Still Alive... and Well? is a compilation album by Megadeth.


No. Title Composer Length
1. Time: the Beginning/Use the Man (Live) Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman 6:27
2. The Conjuring (Live) Mustaine 5:26
3. In My Darkest Hour (Live) Mustaine, David Ellefson 5:29
4. Sweating Bullets (Live) Mustaine 4:43
5. Symphony of Destruction (Live) Mustaine 5:24
6. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Live) Mustaine 8:51
7. Moto Psycho Mustaine 3:05
8. Dread and the Fugitive Mind Mustaine 4:24
9. Promises Mustaine, Al Pitrelli 4:26
10. The World Needs a Hero Mustaine 3:52
11. Burning Bridges Mustaine 5:20
12. Return to Hangar Mustaine 4:00
Total length:


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