Risk Remastered

Released August 31, 1999
Recorded January-April 1999 at The Tracking Room in Nashville, Tennessee
Length 51:34
Number of tracks 12
Label Capitol
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Risk is the eighth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth, released on August 31, 1999. It would be the first album since 1990's Rust in Peace that featured a line change, with drummer Jimmy DeGrasso making his studio debut on a Megadeth album. It would also be the last album to feature long time lead guitarist Marty Friedman, who would go on to announce his departure from the band just a year later.

Background and ReleaseEdit

Critical ReceptionEdit


No. Title Composer Length
1. "Insomnia" (4:16 on 2004 reissue) Dave Mustaine 4:34
2. "Prince of Darkness" Mustaine, Marty Friendman 6:25
3. "Enter the Arena" (0:44 on 2004 reissue) Mustaine, Bud Prager 0:52
4. "Crush 'Em" Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 4:57
5. "Breadline" Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 4:24
6. "The Doctor Is Calling" Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 5:40
7. "I'll Be There" (5:14 on 2004 reissue) Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 4:20
8. "Wanderlust" (5:48 on 2004 reissue) Mustaine, Friedman 5:22
9. "Ecstasy" Mustaine, David Ellefson 4:28
10. "Seven" (4:46 on 2004 reissue) Mustaine, Ellefson 5:00
11. "Time: The Beginning" Mustaine 3:04
12. "Time: The End" (2:41 on 2004 reissue) Mustaine 2:28
Total length:

Japanese edition bonus track

No. Title Composer Length
13. "Duke Nukem Theme" Lee Jackson 3:54

2004 remaster bonus tracks

No. Title Composer Length
13. "Insomnia" (Jeff Balding mix) Mustaine 4:19
14. "Breadline" (Jack Joseph Puig mix) Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 4:28
15. "Crush 'Em" (Jock mix) Mustaine, Prager, Friedman 5:10




  • Produced by Dann Huff; Co-produced by Dave Mustaine
  • Mixed and engineered by Jeff Balding with Mark Hagen
  • Mastered by Bob Ludwig

2004 Reissue

  • Produced by Dave Mustaine
  • Mixed by Ralph Patlan and Dave Mustaine
  • Engineered by Ralph Patlan with Lance Deam
  • Edited by Lance Dean, Scott "Sarge" Harrison, and Keith Schreiber with Bo Caldwell
  • Mastered by Tom Baker


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