"Guns, Drugs, & Money" is the fifth track of the 13th Megadeth album Th1rt3en. This song is about drinking liquors to become a killer in Mexico.


    Drinking cold cerveza in a boiling hot saloon
    Chasing shots of tequila, just about high noon
    Outside Nuevo Laredo, deep in no man’s land
    Become a killer or be killed; face down in the Rio Grande
    Poverty will turn the life of any good man bad
    All love and mercy ever learned, he’ll soon forget what he had
    Guns, drugs, and money under the Mexican sky
    Guns, drugs, and money; pick your poison or you die
    Guns, drugs, and money; a pistol pressed to his head
    Choose silver and you’re rich; you gonna die if you choose lead
    He had a suitcase full of money, plenty of ammo for his gun
    The sweat rolls down his dirty face, his plans have all come undone
    It’s just a matter of time, no matter how he tries
    He hears “Plata O Plomo, Gringo?” the last words before he dies