Countdown to Extinction: Live
Countdown Live
Released September 24, 2013
Recorded December 07, 2012 at The Pomona Fox Theater
Length N/A
Number of tracks 17
Label Tradecraft
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Rust in Peace Live
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Countdown to Extinction Live is the fourth live album by Megadeth.


No. Title Composer Length
  1. Trust
  2. Hangar 18
  3. Public Enemy
  4. Skin o' My Teeth
  5. Symphony of Destruction
  6. Architecture of Aggression
  7. Foreclosure of a Dream
  8. Sweating Bullets
  9. This Was My Life
  10. Countdown to Extinction
  11. High Speed Dirt
  12. Psychotron
  13. Captive Honour
  14. Ashes in Your Mouth
  15. She-Wolf
  16. Peace Sells
  17. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due



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